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Business Consulting

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We look at business consulting more as your coach. We may never know your business as well as you do. However, we do have years of experience dealing with a wide array of businesses and can look at solutions from other industries to see if they will work for your situation.

Do you have anyone in your business that you can brainstorm with that has your best interest at heart? Our job is to help you make your business more successful. Are there changes that need to be made in your business but you haven't done it? Are there issues that you haven't taken the time to address? Would a meeting once a month in which you are held accountable be worth discussing? We would look forward to the opportunity to investigate that possibility.

Ocala and Gainesville, FL Business Entity Selection

Whether you are a first time business owner or a serial entrepreneur, this decision should not be made lightly or based on how you have operated in the past. At Taxes Untangled, our Ocala and Gainesville, FL business consultants have experience in helping business owners come to the right and best decision for their situation.

It is important to understand the complexities that come with each type of entity. Staying compliant with ALL the taxing issues can be overwhelming for a new business owner because each entity type is different.

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Partnership

  • Corporation (includes S Corp)

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Let Taxes Untangled, Inc. help you determine which legal structure will best suit your business. Call us at (352) 547-8445 to get started.

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